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 Date: 11/30/17 02:31   in : Documentary 

David Attenborough returns to the world's oceans in this sequel to the acclaimed documentary filming rare and unusual creatures of the deep, as well as documenting the problems our oceans face. Blue.Planet.II.S01.720p.BluRay.x264-SHORTBREHD.part1.rarBlue.Planet.II.S01.720p.BluRay.x264-...


Documentary to mark 30 years since the tragic fire that swept through London's King's Cross station on November 18 1987, killing 31 people and injuring 60 more. Previously unseen archive footage takes viewers to the heart of the disaster as it unfolded that night minute by minute, and inter...


The story of the Roman poet Ovid who lived in the year 17AD. Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net


Witnesses recall the tragic events of November 1987.. Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net


Bettany Hughes explores Venus - goddess of love - discovering her surprising roots and modern relevance. Beginning in Cyprus, the goddess's mythical birthplace, Bettany decodes Venus's relationship to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She meets experts who reveal the mysterious and obscure ways ...


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 Date: 11/18/17 02:31   in : Documentary 

Raving through realty on the eve of the economic collapse. A high-velocity journey of an unsuspecting mortgage broker swallowed up in the sex, greed and over indulgence of the mid 2000's Real Estate boom. Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net


This powerful documentary about the role of Native Americans in contemporary music history-featuring some of the greatest music stars of our time-exposes a critical missing chapter, revealing how indigenous musicians helped shape the soundtracks of our lives and, through their contributions, influe...


To mark a century since women first took on roles alongside men in the armed forces, five celebrities with a connection to the military experience how things have changed in the years since. Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net


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 Date: 11/18/17 02:31   in : Documentary 

A look at the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Boot Camp Program, which allows young inmates undergo a strict 4 month course in order to learn from their past mistakes and make a better future for themselves. Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net


The Adventure Show joins 300 competitors from all over the UK for nearly 60 miles of racing in the majestic landscape of Highland Perthshire. There's a chilly swim across Loch Tay, a 15-mile run over 7 Munros, seven miles of kayaking and to finish an epic day there is a 34-mile bike ride. Adven...


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 Date: 11/17/17 02:31   in : Documentary 

Looks at the life and times of Bill Shankly, Liverpool FC's legendary Scottish manager. Gaining promotion from the old English second division, Shankly forged two great sides at Liverpool, winning numerous trophies along the way. A product of his working-class roots in Ayrshire, his career in m...


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 Date: 11/16/17 02:31   in : Documentary 

Claire Darrow is a single mom and a lawyer, who always wants to do right. When a close friend is convicted of stealing from an expensive jewelry store, it's up to Claire to bring justice. Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net


As Big Ben goes silent for a multi-million restoration, architectural historian Anna Keay gains exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the work.. Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net


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 Date: 11/16/17 02:31   in : Documentary 

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon embark on a six-part episodic road trip through Spain, sampling the restaurants, eateries, and sights along the way. Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net


A Storyville documentary: how the most celebrated spy ring of the 20th century grew out of the class system, sexual hypocrisy and the incompetence of some people who ran Britain. . Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net


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 Date: 11/16/17 02:31   in : Documentary 

An ensemble comedy about the meaning of matrimony. Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net


Hosted by Peter Maddison, Grand Designs Australia tells the stories of new homes and the people who are building them. The series charts the in-depth process of elaborate design projects undertaken by self-builders - from the initial details of blueprints, to the long and often arduous task of turn...


New technology reveals the greatest secrets are right under your feet!Nikola Tesla died before he finished a mysterious invention, but the ground beneath his only remaining lab might hold clues. Rob Nelson and Stefan Burns are the first to use cutting-edge tech to investigate Tesla's undergrou...


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 Date: 11/16/17 02:31   in : Documentary 

Download link:Download Via Rapidgator.net V...


It was a scandal that shook the British establishment to its roots. In June 1951, the government was forced to admit that two Foreign Office diplomats had disappeared. One of them, Donald Maclean, had slipped through their fingers three days before he was due to be questioned for passing secrets to...


Documentary exploring the experiences of the Roma people living in the Holylands district of Belfast. Following the racist attacks of 2009, it paints a portrait of the challenges faced by those who stayed, and their desire to build a future in Northern Ireland. Download link:Download Via ...


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 Date: 11/15/17 02:31   in : Documentary 

An intimate look at life on the road for the band Wolf Alice as they tour Great Britain. Download link:Download Via Uploadgig.com


Comedian, writer and politically incorrect HBO talk-show host Bill Maher takes time off from his regular hosting duties to perform a hilariously scathing stand-up set in this comedy special... Download link:Download Via Uploadgig.com


We're used to thinking that the universe operates on timescales of millions or even billions of years, where change happens with imperceptible slowness. But now we've discovered a whole catalogue of events that happen over much shorter times - seconds or even milliseconds. And these sudden,...


Literally translated as "the loud-mouthed woman", Gritona examines once-taboo topics such as gender discrimination in Latin America, the rise of modern day feminism, and the realities of casual dating. Download link:Download Via Uploadgig.com