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MATLAB Mapping Toolbox provides tools and utilities for analyzing geographic data and creating map displays. uploadgig_com:


Get to grips with 3D printing and learn to model designs using BlenderAbout This BookFrom the author who brought you the first practical look at 3D printing with 3D Printing BlueprintsGet a comprehensive coverage of the prototyping techniques you need to know to start printing your own 3D...


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Key FeaturesThis book shows you how to design from a reference to physical objects that can be easily represented by simple basic objects in Blender (cube, cylinder, sphere, and so on) by measuring themThis is the only book on the market that shows you how to take your first steps to crea...


This guide is intended to give you a quick understanding of how 3D printing works and what specific processes are being used today. Below is a list of what you will learn: * Brief Summary of 3D Printing * Current Printing Processes * Quick Learning Summary of Each Printing Process * Dee...


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It gives the reader a idea about how 2d to 3d conversions are done and about 3d video processing. -nitroflare_com:


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Do you find yourself wondering what the fuss is about a delta 3D printer? Perhaps youve decided to buy one but all of your 3D printing friends are busily perfecting their Cartesian printers. Maybe you find yourself stymied by the fact that your delta printer has very different needs for setup, ...