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A Cloud Guru - AWS GovCloud Beyond the Buzzwords
A Cloud Guru AWS GovCloud Beyond the Buzzwords-ViGOROUS
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Hello Cloud Gurus!
Do you deal with sensitive data and workloads? Does your digital infrastructure and architectures have strict compliance requirements, yet you want to benefit from the advantages of Cloud Computing? If so, AWS GovCloud could be right for you. AWS GovCloud is an isolated region on AWS with separate availability zones, virtual machines, networking systems and a unique credentialing system to ensure a steadfast response to cybercrime and Advanced Persistent Threats. Open to, and operated by U.S. persons only, GovCloud is a reliable, highly compliant security framework implementation that supports the U.S. Department of Interiors' Cloud First and Cloud Smart strategies.

This course is meant for your Executive VP to technical management team. We will move beyond the buzzwords and actually demystify GovCloud and all that it entails. Chapter one will cover the Who, Why, When, and Where, to use GovCloud. Chapters two to four contain more detail and are meant for management teams who need to know how and where GovCloud can solve complex operational objectives.
In this course, you'll learn:
Who can use GovCloud
How GovCloud is currently being used
Why and when you should use GovCloud
How to access GovCloud
Security frameworks to benchmark highly regulated government sectors and supporting industries
Security Framework automation tools
The difference between GovCloud vs other regions
Resource Import and code use options
Cost and limit differences
Technical Support Tiers
How managers can train their IT staff on GovCloud adoption.
Secure your Agile DevOps, secure your future, and harness the benefits of AWS GovCloud!
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