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Ben Finkel covers the topics and material required to architect and organize enterprise implementations on the Microsoft Azure Platform. The 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions takes a high-level approach to the structure and organization of implementations on the Microsoft Azure Platform. This course also will help you prepare for the certification exam by covering each exam objective, as well as demonstrating practical applications for using these features.
The 70-534 exam and this course cover the following general topics: Design Azure infrastructure, Securing Resources, Storage and Data Access Strategies, Advanced Application Development, Websites, and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.
Recommended Experience
- 1+ years of web development experience (.NET, PHP, Ruby, or Python)
- Understanding of basic networking concepts
- Familiarity with the basic structure of the MS Azure platform
Recommended Equipment
- A desktop computer running Microsoft Windows version 7, 8, or 10
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Related Certifications
- 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
- 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
- 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
Related Job Functions
- Web development
- Application engineer/team lead
- Systems Manager
Ben Finkel has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2014. His areas of expertise include Google Developer Expert, Google Certified Trainer, Microsoft ASP.NET (WebForms and MVC), Data Analysis and Design, Relational Database Architecture, MS SQL Server, Microsoft C#.NET, javascript, jQuery, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET & 6.0, .NET Reporting Services, MS Access, and Python.
1. Azure GFS Datacenters (12 min)
Ben discusses the powerful data centers that underlie Microsoft Azure and how they supply the scalability and reliability that Azure promises.
2. Azure Virtual Networks (19 min)
Ben covers the purpose of Azure Cloud Services and virtual networks. We look at how Cloud Services define external-facing endpoints and how virtual networks are used to organize internal communications.
3. Designing Azure Compute (19 min)
Ben covers some initial design considerations when architecting an Azure Compute implementation. We discuss the various VM size options, configuration management strategies, and how to enable scaling and load balancing on the Azure platform.
4. Azure VPN and ExpressRoute (7 min)
Ben gives a high-level overview of the various VPN connections that we can make between our local on-premises networks and Microsoft Azure. We also briefly discuss the role of Azure ExpressRoute in creating a site-to-site VPN connection.
5. Azure Load Balancing Services (9 min)
Ben discusses a few different services that Azure provides for load balancing and traffic management. The services - Traffic Manager, Azure CDN, and Autoscaling - allow you to build robust and reliable solutions that can easily support a large workload.
6. Azure Active Directory (12 min)
Ben discusses Azure Active Directory and what makes it a powerful tool to use in conjunction with your on-premises Active Directory deployment. We look briefly at the Graph API and try to understand how OpenID and OAuth 2.0 are used for authentication and authorization with Azure AD.
7. Hybrid Identities (12 min)
Ben discusses how to leverage Microsoft Azure AD to create hybrid identity solutions, enabling authentication against applications both on-premise and on the web with a single set of credentials.
8. Azure Data Security (10 min)
Ben covers a high-level approach to securing data stored on the Microsoft Azure platform. We discuss Azure Storage, SQL and Azure AD, both in terms of data encryption and access control.
9. Role-Based Access Control (11 min)
Ben introduces role-based access control, a method of designing security to handle scaling and change in your organization. We discuss the structure of RBAC and how Azure implements it.
10. Designing Data Storage (14 min)
Ben discusses Azure Storage and its four storage solutions, Azure SQL, SQL Server on Azure VMs, MongoDB, DocumentDB, and MySQL. We also take a brief look at securing the built-in Azure storage solutions.
11. Azure Mobile Services (12 min)
Ben introduces Azure Mobile Services (now called Azure Mobile Apps) and discusses how they are used to facilitate mobile app development. We also look at features and take a quick tour through a pre-built Mobile App wizard in the Azure Portal.
12. Push Notifications (7 min)
Let's learn about pushing notifications from our Azure service down to a user's device via Push Notification Services. We take a high-level look at the usage pattern for those services and talk about the role of Azure Notification Hubs.
13. Web APIs (10 min)
APIs allow our software and devices to interact with a back-end application, and Azure provides an easy-to-use platform for hosting our custom APIs on the Internet. We take a look at how Visual Studio makes it easy to build and deploy APIs, and discuss security and background processing.
14. Hybrid Applications (8 min)
We explore some different ways to set up hybrid connections between our local, on-premise network and an Azure implementation. We also discuss BizTalk and Service Bus Relays, VPNs, and VNET Integration, as well as how to join a domain controller.
15. Azure Media Services (7 min)
Delivering high quality video and audio content to your users is an important part of producing Internet services today. Azure Media Services enables us to easily and efficiently meet customers' demands for media in a way that's scalable and efficient. We learn about the features of Azure Media Services, and how to utilize encryption for securing our video streams and set up live streams that can be consumed by millions of users simultaneously.
16. Compute-Intensive Applications (10 min)
Processing large volumes of data with complex algorithms requires processing power that used to be out of reach for smaller organizations. Microsoft Azure's compute-intensive solutions allow for simple and efficient scaling to handle compute intensive workloads.
17. Long Running Applications (13 min)
Find out how to design highly available and reliable applications on Microsoft Azure. Using sound design patterns enabled by Azure VM and Cloud Services, we can create apps that scale up and down dynamically and gracefully degrade from service interruptions.
18. Selecting Storage (15 min)
If you want to make the most efficient use of Azure Storage you need to understand the needs of your implementation. We'll discuss consistency, concurrency, and access patterns all while taking a look at the different storage options Azure offers.
19. Architecting Azure Web Apps (8 min)
Understanding what makes Azure Web Apps so powerful, yet, easy to use is the focus of this Nugget. We discuss the basic features and overall design choices you want to make when working with web apps.
20. Deploying Azure Web Apps (11 min)
When you're ready to deploy your web app into the cloud there are a number of design considerations to take into account. The App Service plan for pricing and performance, deployment slots for managing rollout and testing of new versions, and the actual method for deployment.
21. Business Continuity with Azure Web Apps (10 min)
Ensuring your web apps remain highly available is a key feature of most enterprise deployments. Azure makes it easy to employ various strategies to ensure business continuity and sound disaster recovery patterns.
22. SCCM Deployment with Azure (10 min)
When you need to manage infrastructure and applications across on-premises and off-premises virtual environments, system center is the right tool. We explore how SC can help us organize our management and monitoring tasks into one application for both local and remote resources.
23. Design a Monitoring Strategy (9 min)
Keeping tabs on what's going on with your Azure implementation can be a challenge. By understanding the monitoring tools and options available, we can ensure we're keeping our apps running and available.
24. Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (10 min)
Ensuring we have a sound BC/DR plan in place for our applications is a key component for delivering production ready systems. Azure makes it easy to create and test BC/DR planning with infrastructure, features, and software tools.
25. Azure Automation (10 min)
Configuration management is a relatively new field of IT that aims to bring control- and audit-ability to the process of configuration infrastructure. Azure enables this with PowerShell Desired State Configuration, as well as Workflow Runbooks, Chef, and Puppet.
26. Azure Classic vs. Resource Manager (10 min)
Azure has been upgrading their systems the past few years to a new deployment model known as Resource Manager. This Nugget discusses the ways that model differs from the classic deployment model - and what the implications are for us as users.
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