Direct Download Digital Tutors - Modeling Hard Surfaces with NURBS in maya

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Digital Tutors - Modeling Hard Surfaces with NURBS in maya
Digital Tutors - Modeling Hard Surfaces with NURBS in maya
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In this course we will use multiple NURBS techniques to build a skateboard in Maya.
NURBS geometry provides several advantages over some of the other types of building methods available, but the process for creating NURBS geometry is somewhat different from building polygon or sub-d models. In this course we will explore hard-surface modeling by using a variety of NURBS tools and techniques in Maya to build a skateboard. We'll go over tools like lofting, fillets, and using the CV curve tool and, by the end of this project, you'll have a taste of the NURBS building process and be able to use these tools to start building your own models.

Lesson Outline:
Introduction and Project Overview
In this lesson we will get an overview of the tools and techniques we'll be using to build our skateboard.
Using curves to build the deck
In this lesson we will use curves to begin building the deck of the skateboard.
Finishing the skateboard deck
In this lesson we will use a loft to finish the top deck of the board.
Adding thickness to the deck
In this lesson we will use offset surfaces to add some thickness to the deck.
Building the truck base plate
In this lesson we will build the base plate for the trucks.
Modeling the main pieces of the trucks
In this lesson we will use primitive geometry to build the main pieces of the truck.
Finishing the trucks
In this lesson we will use fillets to blend the pieces of the truck together.
Adding the wheels
In this lesson we will add some wheels to the skateboard.
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