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FlippedNormals - Realistic Male Face
FlippedNormals - Realistic Male Face
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Sculpting a Realistic Male Face in ZBrush
Learn how to sculpt a realistic male face in ZBrush in this Premium Tutorial by FlippedNormals. You'll see the entire process, from start to finish. The goal is to teach you a methodical and well-tested approach to making realistic faces time and time again.

See Through the Magic
Sculpting a realistic face is often seen as an almost occult experience, reserved for only a few. In this tutorial series, we'll show you that it's not magic - and that there's a clear formula you can follow. Once you understand the steps, you can start to truly learn how to sculpt anything.
Sculpted From a Sphere
In order to truly understand the fundamentals, we are starting off from a sphere instead of a base mesh. This makes it's a lot more challenging, and you'll get a better understanding of how to truly sculpt a human head, instead of simply moving proportions of a base mesh around.
Taught by Industry Professionals
Your instructors, Henning Sanden & Morten Jaeger, have worked on some of the biggest movies in the last decade, from Guardians of the Galaxy, Pacific Rim and Pirates of the Caribbean - as character modellers. In this tutorial series, they will share their secrets to sculpting good faces, and providing tons of useful advice along the way too. They are also the founders of FlippedNormals.
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