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Full-Stack React, Python, and GraphQL(2019)
Full-Stack React, Python, and GraphQL(2019)
English | Size: 2.38 GB
Category: CBTs

This course is for developers looking to build complete, full-stack applications with cutting-edge React user interfaces, powered by a robust Python backend, that uses GraphQL on the server and client.
It was designed for developers who want to be ahead of the curve in the latest web technologies, focusing on how to use GraphQL from front to back, the most current techniques and tools in React, including React Hooks, Apollo Boost, and Material UI, and how to combine it all with Python, Django and Graphene for an amazing stack.

A full-stack app from scratch with a GraphQL API made with Python (Django and Graphene), a React client app with React Hooks and Apollo Boost, state management React Context (with useContext) and Apollo Client State, media file uploads with Cloudinary and tons more.
Our app will be a social music-sharing app called ReactTracks where users can upload and share any music they like; users within our app will be able to interact with various tracks by liking them and adding tracks to their profile, searching for tracks, adding information about their music, as well as editing and deleting their tracks.
Build robust GraphQL Backends with Python
Craft impressive React user interfaces
Authenticate Requests made to our Python Backend with JSON Web Tokens
Master the latest and greatest tools in React, namely React Hooks and React Context
Work with and understand two GraphQL client libraries in-depth--Apollo Boost and Graphene
Manage App State in React with Apollo Client State
Provide Routing and Protected Routes to your React apps with React Router 4
Grasp the core concepts of GraphQL (queries, mutations, GraphQL types, variables, schemas, resolvers)
Use Django to build robust, powerful web app backends and GraphQL APIs
Use Graphene and Graphene-Django to use GraphQL in Python Applications
Crafting visually impressive React apps with the #1 component library Material UI
Media file uploads with Cloudinary / Cloudinary API
Error handling in GraphQL, both on the client and server
How to use GraphQL IDEs, such as GraphiQL and GraphQL Playground, to interact with your APIs
How to use React Dev Tools and Apollo Dev Tools to easily interact with your React code
Package management with pipenv and dependency management with npm / yarn
And lots more!
Note: This course is highly suggested for both Python developers looking to learn the latest and greatest features in the React ecosystem and to start building real-world projects with them as well as for React / javascript developers looking to start working with Python along with powerful tools like Django and Graphene.
Who this course is for:
Python developers looking to jump into the React ecosystem and learn the latest tools
javascript / React / Node developers looking to become familiar with Python
Developers who want to learn how to use GraphQL in building real-world apps
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