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AudioLearn's Medical School Crash Courses presents Human Physiology: Written by experts and authorities in the field and professionally narrated for easy listening, this crash course is a valuable tool both during school and when preparing for the USMLE, or if you're simply interested in the subject.
The audio is focused and high-yield, covering the most important topics you might expect to learn in a typical medical school human physiology course. Included are both capsule and detailed explanations of critical issues and topics you must know to master this topic.
The material is accurate, up to date, and broken down into bite-sized sections. There is a "Q&A" and "key takeaways" section following each topic to review questions commonly tested and drive home key points.
In this course, we'll cover the following topics:
Basic cell processes
Metabolic physiology
Endocrine system physiology
Central nervous system physiology
Autonomic nervous system physiology
Musculoskeletal physiology
Cardiovascular system physiology
Respiratory system physiology
Immune system physiology
Kidney physiology
Digestive system physiology
Reproductive system physiology
Skeletal system
Acid-base regulation
Also included is a comprehensive test containing the top 100 most commonly tested questions in human physiology with the correct answers.
AudioLearn's Medical School Crash Courses support your studies, help with USMLE preparation, and provide a comprehensive audio review of the topic matter for anyone interested in what medical students are taught in a typical medical school human physiology course.
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