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Most people feel like they know themselves pretty well. But what if you could know yourself just a little bit better-and with this small improvement, get a big payoffnot just in your career, but in your life?
Research shows that self-awareness - knowing who we are and how others see us - is the foundation for high performance, smart choices, and lasting relationships. There's just one problem: most people don't see themselves quite as clearly as they could.
Fortunately, reveals organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich, self-awareness is a surprisingly developable skill. Integrating hundreds of studies with her own research and work in the Fortune 500 world, she shows us what it really takes to better understand ourselves on the inside - and how to get others to tell us the honest truth about how we come across.
Through stories of people who've made dramatic gains in self-awareness, she offers surprising secrets, techniques and strategies to help readers do the same - and how to use this insight to be more fulfilled, confident, and successful in life and in work.
You'll learn:
-The Seven Pillars of Insight that separate the aware from the unaware.
-The invisible roadblocks to self-awareness.
-Why common approaches to self-knowledge like therapy and journaling don't always lead to insight
-How to kill your inner ruminator and other bad habits that sap your confidence
-How to prevent the "cult of self" from recruiting your child, and eradicate "selfie-syndrome" from your household
-Why few people know how other people see them, and how to learn what people are really saying when you leave the room.
-How to hear feedback without fighting or fleeing.
-Why people with the most power can often be the least-self aware, and how the best leaders avoid this trap
-How to deal with delusional bosses, friends, in-laws, etc in your life.
-And more.
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