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What Will I Learn?
Design a high converting landing page from scratch without a single line of code
Double or triple your landing page conversion rates by applying the principles of clarity, simplicity and perceived value
Run A/B tests to guarantee a better conversion rate over time without knowing any statistics
Know exactly how to design a call to action that will motivate your visitor's to take the actions you want them to take
Apply psychological persuasion frameworks to your landing pages and websites
Write headlines that will provide the right type of motivational trigger that appeals to the hearts of your visitors
Determine the best type of landing page to send your marketing campaign traffic to
Run professional usability tests like the 5 second test and the preference test
Convince your boss to allocate more company resources to conversion rate optimization
Understand your website traffic based on the Fogg Behavior Model
Determine where in the sales funnel your visitors are and how to design landing pages that cater to each stage in the funnel
Create a professional logo from scratch in Photoshop
Identify the issues that are currently hurting your conversion rate and how to apply good landing page design to fix the problems
A desire to learn new concepts that will help your online business succeed!
You should have a passion for high conversion rates
You don't need any coding knowledge or prior web design knowledge
You should be fluent in English
**Brand New For 2017 - The Bestselling Landing Page Design Course on Udemy**
Join over 20,000 of your fellow website owners, online marketers and entrepreneurs in learning the fundamentals landing page design and conversion rate optimization.
I will walk you through every step of landing page design with real life case studies, actual experiments and tons of examples from around the web. By the end of this course, you'll be able to design landing pages that converts 2X - 5X more than your current landing pages.
Good landing page design isn't just a nice thing to know - it's absolutely essential to the success of your online business. Whether you're in lead-gen, ecommerce or consulting, effective and clear landing page design can spell the difference between a positive and negative ROI.
A report released by Adobe and eMarketer revealed that companies spend double on traffic acquisition than they do on conversion rate optimization and implementing better landing page design. That's a huge mistake and you're leaving a lot of money on the table.
What's the point of buying traffic to your site if you don't put in the effort to understand how to convert it?
In this landing page design course you will learn:
How to implement persuasion frameworks like scarcity, reciprocal concessions and cognitive dissonance theory in your landing page design
How to write headlines and calls to action that will motivate your users to act instead of turning them off
How to design an action block with a clearly defined conversion goal
How to triple your conversion rates by using the principles of readability, simplicity, perceived value and clarity in your landing page design
How to run professional usability tests on a tight budget
How to build a landing page from scratch on a custom domain without writing a single line of code
The Fogg Behavior Model and how it applies to good landing page design
Why understanding the AIDA sales funnel is so important in conversion rate optimization
... and much, much more!
For the price of dinner out with your friends, you have the power to transform your landing page into a sales machine. I guarantee you there are significant issues with your landing page design that are causing visitors to leave when they would have converted. You're leaving money on the table.
If you think this stuff is complicated, it's not.
If you think landing page design stuff is expensive, it's not.
If you think conversion rate optimization is time consuming, it's not.
If you think watching this course won't make a different to your bottom line ... think again.
I've consulted with hundreds of companies around the world and have redesigned websites for publicly traded companies and businesses generating over 1 Billion dollars annually. Trust me, I learned all this the hard way.
This is the course on landing page design I wish I had when I was first starting out!
Enroll today and enjoy:
Lifetime access to the course and all future updates
High quality, up to date video lectures
Exercises and feedback
Access to the student-only discussion forum
30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee
Thanks again for checking out my course and I look forward to seeing you in the classroom :)
Who is the target audience?
Website owners
Online Marketers
Small Business Owners
Ecommerce Managers
Social Media Managers
Pay Per Click / Search Engine Marketing Managers
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