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This course is for people want to get past all the boring clutter and start building their first web app in Laravel. It will take you through all the main Laravel features, including Blade, Laravel's powerful templating tool; Eloquent, Laravel's database abstraction layer; security features you can use to sanitize, filter, and validate user-provided data; the request object and its role in the application life cycle; and PHPUnit and Laravel Dusk, which you can use to test your PHP code. It will also teach you how to master file system access, sessions, cookies, caching, and much more!

This course is designed to give you, as a PHP developer, the confidence to get ahead with Laravel and write an entire application securely from the start. High-level overviews and concrete examples form part of this course; you'll also master some higher-level features and make them all work together.
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* Title: Packt Hands-On Web Application Development with Laravel
* Date: 01-02-2019
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Learn to quickly and efficiently build feature-rich Laravel
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