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Packt-Learn Rust in 7 Days
Packt-Learn Rust in 7 Days
English | Size: 1.23 GB
Category: Programming

Right (Rust) is a translated programming language, generic, and several patterns developed by Mozilla Research. This language is designed to be a solid, consistent, and practical language that supports pure functional, object-oriented, and object-oriented models. The language came from a personal project by the developer Graydon Hoare, which he began working on in 2006; his employer, Mozilla, was involved in the project in 2009 and formally unveiled it for the first time in 2010. Made In the same year, the work of the original compilers (written in OCaml) changed to the host of its compiler written in Rust. Known as rustc, it successfully compiled in 2011. The host compiler uses LLVM as a backend. The first version of the Rust compiler, named alpha, was released in January 2012. The current version (version 0.8) was released in September 2013. Rust is fully developed in open feedback and collaboration and assistance from the community. The design of this language has been compiled through the experience of writing a modified Servo Layout Engine and Rust itself. Although its development has been sponsored by Mozilla and Samsung, it is a social project. A large part of the current version of the community is affiliated with.
During the training the Packt Learn Rust in 7 Days with the right programming language in 7 days, you know.

Course syllabus for training of Rust in 7 Days Learn Packt:
- Start with the basic tools and syntax
- attributes
- longevity
- threads and channels
- databases
- building our database at Bank of Internet of
The full power of Rust to make fast Use, Maintainable level systems programs in one week
The Rust programming language makes it possible to build fast reliable code, prevents segfaults, safety and Guarantees memory, even while working across concurrent processes.
The course is split into seven parts, which gives you a complete overview of why Rust is a great programming language. In the first few days, you will learn to install Rust on your system, discover its syntax, and see a library that utilizes the feature of trait-based generics and code reusability.
On days 3 and 4, you'll understand how Rust Lifetimes works by doing extensive compiler checks and learning to make your programs more interactive by accessing all the bits of the Rust environment. On day 5, you'll learn about multithreading without data races with safe concurrency. Day 6, you will create a database using your code to read and update while securing it with Bcrypt from various breaches such as SQL injection attacks.
Table of Contents:
- Getting Started with Basic Tools and Syntax
- Features
- Lifetimes
- The Program Environment
- Threads and Channels
- Databases
- Building Our Database into an Online Bank
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