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Packtpub - Creating Smart Web Apps with Django [Video]
Packtpub - Creating Smart Web Apps with Django [Video]
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Get under the hood of Django. With this course, you'll learn to integrate your application with other technologies. You'll start building practical, advanced web applications that can scale to handle increased workloads. Django brings the power of Python to help you quickly develop web applications. From simple prototypes to large-scale projects, Django encourages a clean and pragmatic design and gives you a comprehensive toolkit to build scalable web apps.

This course shows you how to take advantage of available modules for common tasks such as user management and authentication. This means you can get started by simply integrating them in your application without having to write a lot of repetitive code yourself. You'll use Django's extensive feature set such as the Django ORM and Django Admin to do the heavy lifting for you, while you start building web applications with only about a hundred lines of code in no time.
If you want to start building feature-rich, highly scaled applications with the power of Python, then take this course! All the code and supporting files for this course are available on GitHub
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