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PC Magazine Guide to Digital Photography
Daniel Grotta, Sally Wiener Grotta, "PC Magazine Guide to Digital Photography"
2004 | pages: 425 | ISBN: 0764573721 | PDF | 24,8 MB

You have the camera, or intend to. You have the desire.
Now, you have personalized instruction from PC Magazine

"The play of light and color on the human imagination." That's how Daniel and Sally Wiener Grotta define photography. They'll lead you through choosing a digital camera and using all its amazing features, but photography is more than technology. These renowned experts liberally share their knowledge of lighting, settings, focus, file formats, communicating with pictures, and more. Read a little, then go shoot some pictures, study them, and read some more. See what you and that camera can do - together.
- Go one-on-one with the pros
- Choose a camera that fits your needs
- Understand resolution, compression, pixels, and file formats
- Use shutter speed, lighting, and depth of field
- Learn about white balance and color adjustment
- Organize your shots on the camera
- Shoot photos for company publications or online auctions
- Pick up tips for getting great photos
- Get your pictures out of the camera, easily
- Edit, print, and e-mail photos


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