Direct Download Pluralsight - Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals for System Administrators

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Learn the essential skillset required to build a cost-effective, scalable, and reliable infrastructure on the AWS platform.

Getting Started 46m 9s
Course Introduction 56s
The Course at a Glance 7m 25s
AWS Certification Tracks 7m 59s
What Is Cloud Computing? 14m 41s
Key Dates in the History of Cloud Computing 13m 24s
Summary 1m 41s
Introduction to AWS 30m 37s
AWS History 8m 57s
On-premises Components 11m 43s
Do-it-yourself vs. AWS 8m 4s
Summary 1m 52s
Understanding AWS Global Infrastructure 28m 45s
What Is Elastic Computing? 13m 13s
Regions and Availability Zones 14m 14s
Summary 1m 17s
Understanding AWS Security Measures 36m 38s
The Physical Access 11m 23s
Shared Security Responsibility Model 15m 56s
Identity and Access Management (IAM) 6m 57s
Summary 2m 22s
The AWS Free Tier 42m 55s
The AWS Free Tier 11m 35s
How to Sign Up 6m 38s
Provision Free Tier Resources 16m 1s
Interacting with an EC2 Instance 6m 1s
Summary 2m 39s
Working with AWS Storage: Ephemeral and S3 33m 0s
Understanding Ephemeral Storage 4m 55s
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) 11m 33s
Configuring S3 14m 16s
Summary 2m 15s
Working with AWS Storage: EBS and Glacier 33m 3s
Understanding Elastic Block Storage - EBS 3m 48s
Configuring EBS from the AWS Management Console 15m 31s
Understanding Glacier 11m 20s
Summary 2m 23s
AWS Compute Options 27m 58s
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) 7m 55s
EC2 Compute Unit (ECU) 7m 33s
EC2 Instance Types 9m 8s
Summary 3m 21s
Understanding EC2 Pricing 31m 24s
On-demand Instances 5m 7s
Reserved Instances (RI) 10m 26s
Reserved Instances (RI) Scenarios 4m 49s
Spot Instances 8m 23s
Summary 2m 36s
Understanding AWS Networking, CloudWatch, and Auto Scaling 48m 52s
Module Introduction 44s
What Is Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)? 7m 54s
VPC Network Security 6m 2s
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) 7m 38s
VPC Walkthrough 4m 26s
Amazon Route 53 6m 22s
AWS CloudWatch 6m 36s
Auto Scaling 6m 5s
Module Summary 3m 2s
Amazon Database Options, APIs, and Lambda 35m 52s
Module Introduction 34s
Amazon RDS Options 2m 43s
Non-RDS Options 3m 58s
Database Creation 7m 55s
Amazon APIs 4m 0s
Amazon Lambda 14m 17s
Module Summary 2m 24s
Amazon Simple Services 23m 48s
Module Introductio 1m 24s
Simple Email Service (SES) 5m 32s
Simple Queue Service (SQS) 4m 41s
Simple Notification Service (SNS) 2m 51s
Configuring SNS 5m 35s
Module Summary 3m 42s
CloudFront, CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk, and CloudTrail 20m 46s
Module Introduction 54s
CloudFront 5m 37s
CloudFormation 7m 20s
Elastic Beanstalk 3m 0s
CloudTrail 1m 28s
Module Summary 2m 26s
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