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Python Without Fear
Python Without Fear by Brian Overland
English | 29 Sept. 2017 | ISBN: 0134687477 | ASIN: B075Z6JPFN | 464 Pages | AZW3 | 18.42 MB

Praise for this book, Python Without Fear
"This is really a great book. I wish I'd had it when I was learning Python."
-John M. Wargo, author of Apache Cordova 4 Programming
Praise for the previous book in the series, C++ Without Fear
"I'm in love with your C++ Without Fear book. It keeps me awake for hours during the night. Thanks to you, I got most of the idea in just a few hours."
-Laura Viral, graduate physics student at CERN and Istanbul, Turkey
"It's hard to tell where I began and ended with your book. I felt like I woke up and literally knew how to write C++
code. I can't overstate the confidence you gave me."
- Danny Grady, senior programmer/analyst at a Fortune 500 Company
Whether you're new to programming or moving from another language, Python Without Fear will quickly make you productive! Brian Overland's unique approach to Python includes:
Taking you by the hand while teaching topics from the very basics to intermediate and advanced features of Python
Teaching by examples that are explained line by line
Heavy emphasis on examples that are fun and useful, including games, graphics, database applications, file storage, puzzles, and more!
How to think "Pythonically" and avoid common "gotchas"
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