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Sams Teach Yourself PHP And MySQL Video Learning Starter Kit-DDUiSO
Sams Teach Yourself PHP And MySQL Video Learning Starter Kit-DDUiSO
English | Size: 922 MB
Category: Tutorial

Sams Teach Yourself PHP and MySQL Video Learning brings the successful Teach Yourself book series from Sams Publishing to life on video - with the same clear and concise style, practical hands-on examples, and self-paced learning approach that have made the bestselling books so popular with beginners looking for the easiest way to quickly get up to speed on a new technology.

This complete video course provides up to four hours of clear, well-organized video instruction. Each 10-minute video lesson uses a consistent, step-by-step learning structure. After a short overview of the topic from the series instructor, each lesson presents a short, richly illustrated tutorial lesson, followed by a hands-on learning lab, and concluding with an interactive quiz lets the learner test how well he or she has grasped the material before moving on.
With Sams Teach Yourself PHP and MySQL Video Learning , you'll quickly and easily learn all the basics of setting up an interactive, dynamic web site:
Install and configure PHP and MySQL on your computer
Create PHP scripts for your web site
Work with forms and files
Access information in databases
Authenticate and track users with cookies and sessions
Set up a secure web server
The DVD contains a complete video training starter kit for Windows and Mac computers:
Four hours of video lessons with interactive labs and quizzes
PHP, MySQL, and Apache for Windows and Mac OS X-an easy-to-install package to set up a safe learning environment
Work files for all the learning labs
The jEdit programming editor for Windows and Mac OS X
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