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ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop
ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop | 1.0 Gb
Esri has released AcrGIS 10.4.1 is a maintenance and quality improvement release. ArcGIS 10.4 major release bring you new and improved capabilities for visualization and enterprise readiness plus new and enhanced apps.

Esri has added several new tools to ArcGIS for Desktop and its extensions for 10.4. This includes new tools for working with Lidar data. They have also updated several existing tools. Here are several new or updated tools you will find in 10.4.
- Classify LAS Ground - new tool - 3D Analyst Extension - Classifies ground point in LIDAR datasets
- Extract LAS - 3D Analyst Extension - new tool - Extracts LAS files that overlay a clip feature or extent
- Transform Features - new tool - Desktop - Converts the coordinates of input features from one location to another through scaling, shifting, and rotating based on the transformation links between known corresponding control points.
- Create SQLite database - new tool - Desktop
- Copy Raster - updated tool - Desktop - Added two new parameters: Transform and Format
- Create Feature Class - updated tool - Desktop - Geometry Type parameter has new option: Multipatch
- Create Map Tile Package - updated tool - Desktop - New parameter added: extent
- Export Topology Errors - updated tool - Desktop - Now works at all license levels including Basic
- Topology Edit Tool - updated tool - Desktop - Now supports additional commands and keyboard shortcuts.
- Press the N key to select Topology Nodes
- Press the E key to select topology Edges
- Move and Move To commands now available on the topology edit context menu.
- New raster formats now supported:
- SPOT-7
- WorldView-3 with SWIR bands
- netCDF and HDF stored as irregular spaced arrays
In addition to these new and updated tools, ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4 now supports Python 2.7.10. Plus, additional third party libraries have also been added such as SciPy, pandas, Sympy and nose. These further increase the capabilities of Python Scripts used with ArcGIS.
ArcGIS 10.4.1 Issues Addressed List: HERE
About Esri
Esri inspires and enables people to positively impact their future through a deeper, geographic understanding of the changing world around them. Esri has cultivated collaborative relationships with partners who share our commitment to solving Earth's most pressing challenges with geographic expertise and rational resolve.
Esri pursues mapping and spatial analysis for understanding our world with visionary products and services that define the science of GIS. ArcGIS is a complete system for designing and managing solutions through the application of geographic knowledge. Esri helps you build and manage great information products by providing the ultimate platform for geospatial integration and application.
Name: ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop

Interface: english
OS: Windows 7even / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Size: 1.0 Gb


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