546 days

 Date: 04/23/17 02:33   in : Games 

The game will take you to the legendary war between two famous popular science figures. In AvP there are 3 unimaginable campaigns and a unique joint game, which includes 3 modes. New unforgettable impressions and a new first-person gameplay for survival. Hold a hunt in a deadly jungle and ...


584 days

 Date: 03/16/17 02:38   in : Tutorials  Film & Media 

This course will give you a fast crash course in animation for games and get you creating your first walk cycle within one hour in Spriter. Unique dynamic drawing exercises are included to help improve your concept of character posing. We start with the animation principles then go through the comp...


896 days

 Date: 05/08/16 02:43   in : E-Books & Audio Books  Comics 

Aliens Vs Predator WAR 2 of 4(1995)(FB-DCP)(C2C)English | CBR | 20 MB


Superman and Batman Vs. Aliens and Predator, 2007 (#01-02) (hybrid) (Glorith-Novus-HD)English | CBZ | 86 MB


1112 days

 Date: 10/05/15 02:40   in : E-Books & Audio Books 

A long-lost Predator clan stakes its claim for galactic dominance, intent on exterminating its rival clan, the self-same trophy hunters who have plagued Earth's history. And if the advanced technology and military precision of this new threat weren't enough, they have an even more terrifyi...


1461 days

 Date: 10/20/14 21:46   in : Software 

Bridge M1 Arcade Sound / Music Emulator + complete rom pack | 2.6 GBPacked using Rar V5 into 27 parts. 5% recovery record added. Once unpacked, this should be ready to go by double-clicking the bridgem1 exe. This is the last version of the emulator, and requires ROMs that are different to the curr...


1177 days

 Date: 08/01/15 06:20   in : E-Books & Audio Books  Comics 

Dark Horse (1986-2009)English | RAR | 46.18 GB 13th Son (Dark Horse)300 (Frank Miller) (Dark Horse)365 Samurai and a Few Bowls of Rice (2009) (Dark Horse)3x3 Eyes - Curse of the Gesu (Dark Horse)A Small Killing (Dark Horse)Abe Sapien - The Drowning (Dark Horse)Abe Sapien Drums of the Dead (Dark...